Why Dimbo?

With the power and convenience of modern technology, we believe the best way to convey messages is always by video.
At, our mission is to connect our creators with viewers.
We help creators to expand his/her audience base, while enhancing the viewing experience of viewers.

In addition to channel strategy and management, we also assist creators in video production in various ways:
• We provide studios to professional standards;
• We facilitate collaboration between creators;
• We help to increase revenue and much more...

Creators, producing with, can just focus on their creativity and we will help you with the rest.


300 million

Total Views: 300,000,000+


Total Channels: 47


Total Subscribers: 1,570,000+


We are transmitting 20 unique channels across 5 categories!

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Dimbo Creators is a broadcast alliance for creative people.
We amplify and unify opinions.

300 million+ total views

Featuring 47 creators channels

1,570,000 total subscribers

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